individual or family

Wellness is a state of mental, physical, and emotional balance. Here at Integra Nutrix, we promote health and wellbeing across the life span. Please refer to our service page to explore options for children, individual, and family sessions.

professional consultation

The benefits of balanced wellness in the workplace include decreased employee stress, less sick calls, decreased risk for error, and improves morale. Please refer to our service page to explore a professional consultation.

getting to know you

Take advantage of the complementary phone consultation to see if we fit well together. Let me know what I can do for you.

initial assessment

During our first visit, we will discuss why you decided to work with me and what you expect to get out of our work together. This will include some exploration of you and your family past history. Together, we will develop a therapeutic care plan and decide on the focus of our future sessions. Choose between individual or family sessions.


It is my responsibility to provide you with a professional service.  I will help you sort out and evaluate your concerns. The healing process does require us both to be active participants. You do have the ultimate decision on successfully reaching your goals. Please keep in mind that you may need to struggle with some painful issues in order to restore balance and wholeness. The more you put into your healing journey, the more enriching it will be.

how many sessions

Some clients find that a few sessions are all that is needed. Others plan to work with me over a longer period of time. Some clients work on goals for a while, take a break and return at a later date.


I take my professional responsibility very seriously. Know that what is shared between us each session is held in strict confidence. It is required by law that I obtain written permission from you for the release of any information. Also required by law is the duty I have to report any potential harm to self or others.

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All sessions may be in person or via video conference

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